Premium C Topical Serum (15ml)

154.00 $

Product Characteristic:

The product is a pure form of L-ascorbic acid (not a derivative, not vitamin C ester, not a liposome). Containing no water, no preservation, so no low, irritating pH (acidic) occurs. The stability can be sustained up to 18 months. The solvent is amphiphilic which allows formula to penetrate the skin down to the dermis.

Alpha-arbutinIngredient : L-ascorbic Acid 15% + Alpha Arbutin 1%


  1. Stimulates the collagen synthesis.
  2. Tightens the skin and smooth the lines.
  3. Whitening, discoloration, and control of melanin.
  4. Makes skin become more shining and bright.
  5. Pore become smaller and acne become lesser
  6. Best Anti-oxidation product.
  7. Speed up healing, Anti-inflammatory.
  8. Good for both female and male.

Skin Type: All skin types.


Morning and evening after cleansing, apply 2~3 drops with cream or gel on cleansed face and neck. Massage gently until it is fully absorbed.


  1. L-ascorbic acid should be kept away from sunlight, air, water and high temperature. Close the cover tightly after each application.
  2. For external usage only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Wash with saline or consult with a doctor if applying L-ascorbic acid into eyes unexpectedly.
  3. Keep skin dry before application.
  4. Stop applying when there is wound on skin. Apply L-ascorbic acid when the wound is healed.