C’smax Resveratrol Topical Serum (30ml)

378.00 $

Product Information: Adding resveratrol with L-ascorbic acid, the effect of anti-aging is maximized. Applying with patent amphiphilic solvent makes this antioxidant work efficiently as the ingredients is fully penetrated. The product makes skin tender. More elastic and improves skin tone. Achieve rejuvenation. Effect : * Able to make skin tender, move elastic and improve skin tone to achieve rejuvenation. * It is a good antioxidant. * To retrain Collagenase (collagen enzyme) to consume the collagen. * Stimulates the collagen synthesis. * Removes unhealthy DNA and rehabilitates damaged DNA. * Increases self defended of cells. * Whitening, depigmentation and to repress the melanin’s activity. Skin Type : All skin types. Directions :  For morning and evening. after cleansing and tonic, apply 2 drops for whole face and pat until it is absorbed. Note :
  1. Some individuals experience a glowing heat or slight tingling when using this product. This sensation is normal and caused by L-ascorbic acid. It will diminish with time. In 2007, the patented solvent of the Resveratrol Topical Serum has been improved and its penetration is faster and better. Thus, the tingling may be very obviously for some individuals especially for the people who have never used the product before.
  2. Keep away from light. Heat, air and water. Close tightly after each application.
  3. For external external usage only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Wash with saline or consult with a doctor if applying Resveratrol Topical Serum into eyes unexpectedly.
  4. When applying Resveratrol Topical Serum. Please avoid the suture or apply when the wound is healed after operation as it helps to diminish scar. For skin peeler operation. To apply after epidermis is completely renewed.
  5. Stop using when there is wound on skin. Make sure the tonic is absorbed completely and skin is dry before Resvaratrol Topical Serum application.