C’smax Milk Peptide Complex Ultra Care (5ml)

57.00 $

MPC ( Milk Peptide Complex) Ultracare has a luxurious formula that contains high levels of milk peptide, a bio-active polypeptides (cytokines) obtained from milk, which plays a vital role in reduction in depth of wrinkles and increase in skin smoothness. MPC acts as a booster of collagen type I, hyaluronic acid and fibronectin synthesis by delivering TGF to skin.   Ingredients:Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice、Whey Protein (MPC TM Milk peptide complex)、Panthenol、Hyaluronic Acid(Anhydrous)、Glyceryl polymethacrylate.   Suitable for all skin types.   Directions for use:Morning and/or evening after cleansing, apply 2~3 drops on thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Massage until it is fully absorbed. Wait for 3 ~ 5 minutes before anti-aging serums like L-Ascorbic Acid serum applied.