C’smax CoQ10 Topical Serum (10ml)

110.00 $

Main Ingredients:

Amphiphilic Solvent; Coenzyme Q10 1% W/V, Polyethylene Glycol and Oleic Acid.



  1. CoQ10 is like energy for skin.
  2. To build new cells and tissues for smooth skin.
  3. Smoothes fine lines, diminishes wrinkles.
  4. Improves firmness and reduces signs of aging.
  5. Helps Vitamin E to regenerate.
  6. Reduces 60%-70% DNA aging and keeps skin tissue normal.

Skin Type:

All skin types, ideal for mature skin, dry skin; dark skin; wrinkle skin, etc.



Morning and evening after cleansing, apply of serum on cleansed face and neck. Massage gently until it is fully absorbed.


For external usage only. Avoid direct contact with eyes. Wash with saline or consult with a doctor if applying CoQ10 Serum into eyes unexpectedly.