C’smax Basic C Topical Serum (30ml)

164.00 $

Product Introduction :

A pure form of L-ascorbic acid containing no water, no alcohol and no preservation, so there is no irritation occurs, The amphiphilic solvent allows formula to penetrate quickly down to the dermis.

Effect : * Stimulates the collagen synthesis.

* Tightens the skin and smoothes the lines.

* Whitening, discoloration, and reduce melanin.

* Makes skin become more shining and bright.

* Pore become smaller and acne become lesser.

* Best Anti-oxidation product.

* Promote would healing.

Skin Type : All skin types.

To Use : ** dry your face and hand before application**

Morning and evening after cleansing, directly on cleansed face and neck

Note :  1.Some individuals experience a glowing heat or slight tingling when using this product. This sensation is normal and will diminish with time.

2.Stop using when there is open wound on skin.