C’smax Fullerenes Ageless Brightening Serum (30ml)

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In 1996,Nobel Prize was presented for the discovery of Fullerene. Fullerene is formed only with sixty carbon atoms and has widely spread π-electrons, showing a beautiful spherical shape. In skin care,Fullerene is called “Novel Free-Radical Scavenger”. Functions of Fullerene: Free-Radical Scavenger、 Anti-aging(preservation of telomere)、Whitening(melanin control)、Inflammation Easing、Sebum Oxidation Control、Anti-Wrinkle. Fullerenes Skin-Defense Essence enriched with Radical SpongeR( Fullerenes) and Botanical Extract can effectively protect the skin, preventing aging and loss of elasticity. Make skin fairer, lighter and healthier. Ingredients: Radical Sponge(Fullerene):1.5% Suitable for all skin types. Directions for use: Morning and/or evening after serum, apply 2~3 drops on thoroughly cleansed face and neck. Massage until it is fully absorbed.