Q1: What is L-ascorbic acid?

Ans.: Vitamin C is divided into levorotatory (L-ascorbic acid), dextrorotatory (D-ascorbic acid) and racemic. Only L-ascorbic acid has benefit on skin, D-ascorbic acid and racemic are not necessary for skin. Most of vitamin C skincare products in the market are not L-ascorbic acid; it is L-ascorbic acid derivatives


Q2: What is L-ascorbic acid derivatives, and what is the purpose?

Ans.: Although L -ascorbic acid has benefit on skin, it is worse on stability meaning that it is easily oxidized and hydrolyzed in water. Therefore, the form of derivatives is to make vitamin C stable. The derivatives cannot be utilized by skin directly is the main disadvantage of derivatives. The enzyme is needed for derivatives to transfer into pure L -ascorbic acid. If the skin has not enough enzymes, apply derivatives has no any benefit for skin at all. 


Q3: What is the difference between C’smax and other brand of vitamin C serum?

Ans.: There are two major differences. First, C’smax use pure form of L-ascorbic acid, not L-ascorbic acid derivatives. Second, C’smax serum is formulated with amphiphilic solvent, not aqueous solvent. 


Q4: What is the difference between aqueous solvent and amphiphilic solvent? What is the feature of C’smax serum?

Ans.: The solvent of vitamin C skincare is aqueous or amphiphilic, this would make huge differentiation. The differences are as following:

  • Stability – As L-ascorbic acid is unstable in the water (being hydrolyzed), if the vitamin C skincare solvent is aqueous, then the effect is hydrolyzed rapidly. The solvent of C’smax L-ascorbic acid serum is amphiphilic (contains no water), the stability is excellent.
  • Penetration – Penetration is the key element to the effectiveness of vitamin C skincare. Because it is different from other moisturizer which works on the epidermal level, not to penetrate to dermal level to achieve the function of tissue repair. The aqueous serum products have poor penetration; it can not penetrate to skin surface (fat-soluble). C’smax serum products use US patent-Amphiphilic Transepidermal Delivery System, which is tally with the skin structure, a layer of fat (fat-soluble) and a layer if water (water-soluble). This system makes serum to penetrate to dermal level rapidly in order to achieve the repair function. 
  • Irritation─ The aqueous solvent contain preservative and alcohol which may irritate the skin. The solvent of C’smax serum products contains no water, no preservative and alcohol, so it causes no irritation at all. 
  • Concentration ─ It is difficult for the aqueous solvent to upgrade its concentration of active principle. This makes its concentration lower then C’smax serum.