Comparison with L-Ascorbic Acid in the market

amphiphilic solvent, pure C serum
Aqueous solvent, Ion style C
Liposome C

High stability, with patent solvent to absorb Vit. C rapidly and make Vit. C have longer stay in skin                                                 
Add resversatol and zinc to stimulate the absorption of Vit.C



To cover Vit.C with liposome in order to keep the stability of Vit.C 


Difficult to store. Need to put it in refrigerator after opening. Will be oxidized after using for a while. As it use water as solvent, the preservative and stabilizer are needed and which cause the skin irritation


Molecular weight and viscosity are increased, the absorption is  decreased. Less effectiveness. Need to use device to release Vit.C covered by liposome                           


What is L-Ascorbic Acid?

          Vitamin C is divided into levorotatory (L-ascorbic acid), dextrorotatory (D-ascorbic acid) and racemic. Only L-ascorbic acid has benefit on skin, D-ascorbic acid and racemic are not necessary for skin. Most of vitamin C skincare products in the market are not L-ascorbic acid; it is L-ascorbic acid derivatives

What is L-Ascorbic Acid Derivatives and What is the purpose?

           Although L -ascorbic acid has benefit on skin, it is worse on stability meaning that it is easily oxidized and hydrolyzed in water. Therefore, the form of derivatives is to make vitamin C stable. The derivatives cannot be utilized by skin directly is the main disadvantage of derivatives. The enzyme is needed for derivatives to transfer into pure L -ascorbic acid. If the skin has not enough enzymes, apply derivatives has no any benefit for skin at all. 

What is the difference between C’smax and other brand of vitamin C serum?

           There are two major differences. First, C’smax use pure form of L-ascorbic acid, not L-ascorbic acid derivatives. Second, C’smax serum is formulated with amphiphilic solvent, not aqueous solvent. 

What should I notice when applying the C’smax L-Ascorbic Acid?

           Application of C’smax L-ascorbic acid is very simple. First, after facial cleansing, it can be applied. But please notice that the face must be totally dry, because when L-ascorbic acid touch the water that make L-ascorbic acid becoming unstable (being hydrolyzed). At that moment, the L-ascorbic acid loses its effect seriously. Therefore, it is suggested that to apply C’smax L-ascorbic acid after using tonic and the skin is completely dry.

The absorb route of amphiphilic L-ascorbic Acid

The absorb route of amphiphilic L-ascorbic Acid

The absorb route of amphiphilic L-ascorbic Acid

  • Can not penetrate through sebum            
  • Penetrate from the pore of hair follicle 

Why the palm (of hand) turns yellow after using C’smax L-Ascorbic Acid for a while? But not in the face?

          The palm turns yellow because the layer of “stratum lucidum” and which makes it is different with other part of skin. It also protects all kind of substance from entering skin. Therefore, when L-ascorbic acid remains in palm and contacts the air and sweat, the oxidation occurs. The skin of palm naturally turns yellow.

          There is no stratum lucidum on skin of face, so there is no such barrier. After applying C’smax L-ascorbic acid on the face, in general skin, it takes 2 minutes to penetrate into skin (for special skin or because of weather changing, it takes 5 minutes to penetrate into skin). Therefore oxidation is not occurred.

          Wash hands after using L-ascorbic acid may avoid the palm turning yellow.

How can I apply my other skincare product when I use C’smax L-Ascorbic Acid?

          The correct step of applying C’smax L-ascorbic acid is after tonic, and make sure the skin is completely dry. After C’smax L-ascorbic acid is totally absorbed then following the next step. In addition, avoid the eyes during application. Use saline and go to see doctor if applying L-ascorbic acid into eyes unexpectedly.

          In general, the ordinary skincare product is all right for using when applying C’smax L-ascorbic acid (but not mix with C’smax L-ascorbic acid). But for fruit acid with high concentration (skin peeler function), it is suggested not to use when applying L-ascorbic acid at the same time.