Why the palm (of hand) turns yellow after using C’smax L-Ascorbic Acid for a while? But not in the face?


02 May 2013


          The palm turns yellow because the layer of “stratum lucidum” and which makes it is different with other part of skin. It also protects all kind of substance from entering skin. Therefore, when L-ascorbic acid remains in palm and contacts the air and sweat, the oxidation occurs. The skin of palm naturally turns yellow.

          There is no stratum lucidum on skin of face, so there is no such barrier. After applying C’smax L-ascorbic acid on the face, in general skin, it takes 2 minutes to penetrate into skin (for special skin or because of weather changing, it takes 5 minutes to penetrate into skin). Therefore oxidation is not occurred.

          Wash hands after using L-ascorbic acid may avoid the palm turning yellow.

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